The Lord Sees Your Heart

“For the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Sam 16:7b

I have a son that is routinely forgetful. Several times a day, I have to remind him of simple tasks- brushing his teeth, putting his shoes on, and, yes, sometimes even making sure he put on his underwear! My son is not being hateful, mean, disrespectful, or defiant. No, he is just a forgetful little boy. As a mom, I get frustrated and I often feel like a broken record– “Pick up your toys, clean your room, don’t leave your shoes there!”

This makes me think about my relationship with Jesus. He sees my inadequacies. He sees me make the same mistakes over and over, every single day. What’s more is he knows my habitual sin, my favorite idols. Yet, He is slow and gentle, and he waits for just the right time to illumine truth to my heart. He is patient and gracious with me despite my forgetfulness!

And, just as the Lord chose David when there were seemingly other men with greater capabilities and credentials (1 Sam 16:6), he chose me to be the mother of my children. He chose them for us. Despite our failures, we’ve been called to train them, encourage them, and love them. The Lord doesn’t look on our outward appearance, but upon our heart and our desire to glorify Him- failures, mistakes, and sin notwithstanding. I don’t know what my children will grow up to be or in what ways the Lord will use them, but I’m thankful he sees their heart. I’m thankful he sees my heart.

So, every day I am reminded of grace as I start my day in prayer. Every day I’m reminded of grace as I attempt family devotions with littles (not an easy task!). Every day I’m reminded of grace as I watch my forgetful son and see my own inadequacies reflected. Every day I’m reminded of grace. Thank you God, that you do not see as man sees. Thank you for seeing our hearts.

Allison Rickett

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  1. You have a beautiful heart, Allison. Your ‘littles’ will experience it during devotionals and life in general and will more than likely grow into loving, giving adults, like you.

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