Thoughts on Sunday School

I am excited as we approach Q4 of 2018. As most of you already know, I’m a sucker for all things seasonal- football, the holidays, and yes- even pumpkin spice (I’m not even sorry). While all of those things are great, I’m mostly excited to kick off our Sunday School program here at Antioch. In that vein, let me make a few high-level observations to get us thinking on the same page:

  1. Sunday School was made for man, not man for Sunday School. Nowhere in Scripture is a “Sunday School” program commanded. We know this. Nevertheless, the church is commanded to teach and preach the Word and the Sunday School hour provides an excellent opportunity to do so at age appropriate levels. Sunday School provides a time of training, fellowship, and discussion. Therefore, I hope it will be an encouragement to you.
  2. Sunday School is so much more than coloring pictures of Noah’s ark. In fact, we’ve chosen a curriculum that is designed to teach younger children biblical theology and older children systematic theology. Our kids will be walking through the covenants of Scripture learning how God has revealed Himself throughout redemptive history. They will hear the Gospel. They will be challenged. They will also be learning the New City Catechism which will also be integrated into our midweek gathering. We expect so much from our children when they go to school five days a week and often expect too little when it comes to theological training. While we certainly don’t want to overwhelm the kids (and parents), we also don’t want to perpetuate the biblical illiteracy that plagues the evangelical south.
  3. Sunday School should supplement the training a child receives at home, not replace it. Therefore, we have thought intentionally about the curriculum and the resources that we will be using. Both, the Sunday School curriculum and the catechism are designed to be reinforced in the home. It gives the whole family a focus for the week. We want to support the families of our church by “coming alongside” them and giving them the training, resources, and direction they need for family worship and education. The kids will bring home their lesson each Sunday and we encourage you to use it as a template for the week.You can also download the catechism app (for free).

Like many of you, I have so many fond memories of Sunday School, and I hope that our endeavors will be a blessing not only to the kids of Antioch but also their parents.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Matthew


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