Sisters of Uncommon Grace

Back to back with pursed lips standing

two sisters of uncommon grace.

Yet, now their Father bids demanding

to meet Him in a Holy Place.

She reflects her Father’s glory

exacting payment for man’s sin.

Justice declares what is holy.

A righteous verdict! We’re all condemned.

Mercy cries, ‘Forgiven them, Lord!’

though she knows her sisters’ right.

No advocate could love us more.

How can man be justified?

Back to back with pursed lips standing,

Justice Firm and Mercy Mild!

Man in darkness, ever asking,

‘Can these two be reconciled?’

Look there upon the cross of Calvary!

two sisters meet in Jesus Christ!

Mercy triumphs in her victory!

Justice has been satisfied!

Never fear a world so broken,

contrary hearts at odds so long.

For with a single Word soft spoken,

two sisters found their rest in God.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Matthew S. Rickett

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