Church Update: Phase-In Schedule

The following phase-in schedule has been tentatively put in place as it regards our corporate gatherings. This schedule has been created with the recommendations and advice of Mayor Callis, the governor’s office, local pastors, and the Bledsoe Baptist Association. All things considered, I know that many still have concerns about the risk of gathering publicly. Others, however, are more than ready to “get back to normal.” As Pastor, I believe that the following safely offers a phase-in approach that honors both our commitment to corporate worship and the health concerns of the most vulnerable among us. I wish to reiterate that this schedule is tentative and subject to change should additional and pertinent information become available.

  1. May 3rd: Facebook Live. During this time, you are welcome to attend the recording if you choose. Please be advised that all of the social distancing measures are in place and those who are considered high risk are strongly encouraged to remain at home.
  2. May 24th: Sunday Worship & Wednesday Night Bible Study Resume. We will continue to utilize Facebook Live for those who are sick, exposed, or high risk. No Sunday School, nursery, or children’s catechism (Wednesday night included). Services will remain truncated.
  3. June 7th: Regular Worship Schedule: No Sunday School, nursery, or children’s catechism on Wednesday nights. 
  4. June 21st: Sunday School Begins
  5. July 12th: Nursery, Catechism Begins
  6. July 26th: Fellowships, Outings Resume– Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, etc.

Ultimately, we want to mitigate risk. That just means being wise about how we interact with one another during this time. If you are sick, stay home. If you have health conditions that predispose you to COVID-19, take extra measures to stay safe. On the one hand, we cannot act recklessly- that is not loving neighbor. But, on the other hand, we cannot allow fear to keep us from gathering once the threat has dissipated– that is not honoring to God. At the end of the day- we seek to walk in Christ-conformity, showing love and compassion and grace to one another.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Matthew

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