Trust Jesus & Do the Best You Can

Therefore, let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.” 1 Pet 4:19

What in the world is going on? The nation is divided. Families are divided. Many pastor-friends are shepherding divided churches. Should we vaccinate? Should we not vaccinate? Are there going to be mandates? What are the mandates? Do employers offer exemptions? Will people lose their jobs? People are sick- COVID, cancer, auto-immune diseases. People are isolated, depressed, and filled with anxiety. Our church text message chain has been blowing up with prayer requests and immediate concerns. Pastorally, I know of so many situations of people hurting, suffering, and enduring far more than they ever imagined. And this is just our small piece of the world! The church in Afghanistan is now under the heavy hand of persecution because of political decisions on the other side of the planet. The last thing on their mind is COVID as they deal with a corrupt Taliban regime takeover.

Are you mentally exhausted? Are you frustrated? Are you tired of all of the craziness that seems to be pouring in on us?

Me too. Me too.

Thankfully, the Word of God speaks into the chaos and provides us guidance. What are we to do when we are overwhelmed? How can we honor God in the midst of our panic attacks? When the world is going nuts and persecution finds the people of God, how are we to respond?

Answer: “Let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.” What does God want from us during these times? Trust God and do the best you can. How much encouragement can Peter pack into a single sentence?!

  1. Our suffering is according to God’s will– He is aware of it, he has allowed it, and has a purpose for it (even if we can’t immediately understand)
  2. Our God is faithful to his covenant people. He has not forsaken us. His covenant name is God-with-us (Emmanuel).
  3. He is our Creator and therefore completely sovereign. Things might seem crazy right now, but be assured, he is STILL IN CONTROL. God is still on his throne and nothing escapes his notice.

Beloved, times are hard right now. But these seasons remind us that walking with Jesus ultimately comes down to loving him, trusting him, and following him. Don’t over complicate things. Don’t over think things. Trust Jesus. Do good.

Matthew S. Rickett
Matthew S. Rickett

A Little Manna is my weak attempt to feast on God’s Word & refresh my soul in Christ. It is a periodic devotional that I hope will be a blessing to you. We’re all walking this road together. I’m convinced now more than ever that Jesus is our only true hope for life and peace and joy and freedom. So consider me just one beggar on that road telling another beggar where to find bread… or a little manna.

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