cropped-fb_img_15344388476571.jpgLocated in Portland TN, we are a small congregation that loves King Jesus. While the history of our local church extends back into the early 20th century, our legacy is ultimately defined by Christ and the Gospel. We are a Reformed Baptist congregation of believers, unified in the Spirit of God, and commisioned by Christ in the Scripture.

Core Values

DISCIPLESHIP:  “…Make disciples of all the nations…” (Matt 28:17) is the command of the Great Commission.  Discipleship is more than conversion and baptism.  Discipleship is turning lost people (including those in the church!) into Christ-centered laborers.  The New Testament does not describe Christianity as a “part of your life.”  Rather, Christ is your life.

COMMUNITY:  Discipleship takes place in community.  As iron sharpens iron, we seek to edify and speak the truth to one another and live life together.  As Americans, we compartmentalize our relationships.  We have work friends, school friends, church friends, etc.  As Southerners, we naturally have low outer walls but high inner walls.  Meaning, we will say ‘hi’ to everyone, but we will tell few people if we are struggling with sin, depression, self-worth, etc.  As a result of this phenomenon, few churchgoers truly experience community as described in the New Testament (Phl 1:27-2:11; Rom 12:3-12:17, et al).

VULNERABILITY and transparency do not come naturally, yet it is essential for biblical community.  We strive to bear one another’s burdens because no one was meant to live life alone.  We desire to glorify God in community through the Spirit we share by promoting each other to excellence through training together, finding our gifts together, defeating sin together, and bearing each other’s burdens (spiritual, physical, or financial) together.

MULTIPLICATION:  We seek to make disciples of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, enemies, and civic communities by being intentional with them and loving them where they are without pretense or false motive.  They bear God’s image just like us, and they are worthy of His love and ours.


Antioch currently partners with:

1. FIRE: Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals

2. As of Oct 2021, We No Longer Affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention

3. Other partnerships are currently in the works

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