I’m New

It’s hard to really understand a group of people based solely on a website. We’d love to have you visit with us if you are in the area. Until then, here are some things you might find beneficial:

What Can I Expect if I Visit?

We are a small congregation in Portland TN. We are real, we are honest, and we try to live grace-filled lives to the glory of God. So, come as you are (because we do)! We really have no dress code- some people wear jeans, some wear dresses, and some wear shorts. We care far more about your heart than what you wear.

Our song service is a blend of contemporary and traditional songs. Pastor Matthew usually preaches for about 45 minutes (Though, sometimes we have to play the “cutoff” music!). If you need a seventh-inning stretch, don’t feel bad- it’s not a distraction. Our restrooms are downstairs and to the right.

Nursery care is provided for children 4 and under during the service. Of course, if you would prefer to hold onto your little one, we understand. Just know you have options.

**Let us know if you have any questions! Again, we would love to have you visit with us and we sincerely hope that you feel welcomed and loved.