I’m New

It’s hard to really understand a group of people based solely on a website. We’d love to have you visit with us if you are in the area. Until then, here are some things you might find beneficial:

What Can I Expect if I Visit?

We are a small congregation in Portland TN. We are real, we are honest, and we try to live grace-filled lives to the glory of God. So, come as you are (because we do)! We really have no dress code- some people wear jeans, some wear dresses, and some wear shorts. We care far more about your heart than what you wear.

Our song service is a blend of contemporary and traditional songs. Pastor Matthew usually preaches for about 45 minutes (Though, sometimes we have to play the “cutoff” music!). If you need a seventh-inning stretch, don’t feel bad- it’s not a distraction. Our restrooms are downstairs and to the right.

Nursery care is provided for children 4 and under during the service. Of course, if you would prefer to hold onto your little one, we understand. Just know you have options.

Why do we not have Sunday night church?

We want you to be intentional about spending that time with your family.  Sunday night church is a tradition and not a requirement.  The parental discipleship of their children is a biblical mandate that glorifies God. With all of today’s demands, our families get neglected by equating “time spent together” in a soccer game, church activity, or a rushed trip to the fast food restaurant with intentional relationship.

Fathers, Mothers, and children need to spend more dedicated time together (and only together!) free of distraction that is intentionally God-honoring.  Sunday night is the perfect time to do that with the demands of work and school on the horizon as families seek to do life together.


Let us know if you have any questions! Again, we would love to have you visit with us and we sincerely hope that you feel welcomed and loved.



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