Youth Ministry

At Antioch, we desire to teach our children the Word of God and prepare their hearts to love King Jesus. While we want them to have fun, we also want the Spirit of God to awaken them, transform them, and equip them. We do not coerce “decisions” or simply entertain them with games. No, we seek to give them a robust, theological foundation upon which they are able to build a life-long walk of faith. Moreover, we believe that parents should be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to train and shepherd their children (Eph 6:1-4). Therefore, we don’t view youth ministry as a means to attract a crowd, rather we see it as an opportunity to edify families by providing them resources and encouraging their faith.

What does our youth program look like?

  1. Sunday School: At 9am each Sunday we take the kids through the Show Me Jesus curriculum. We have chosen this Sunday School material because it is Christ-centered, covenantal, inductive, and thoroughly biblical.
  2. Wednesday Night: On Wednesday evenings at 7pm we go through the New City Catechism. This is a series of questions and answers designed to teach children the basics of Christian doctrine. The kids learn the question, listen to a short devotion, learn the corresponding song (to help in memorization), and, of course, play! We encourage the whole family to engage with the catechism throughout the week by downloading the app.
  3. VBS: Each year, Antioch hosts a Vacation Bible School program. Details will be announced as the event draws near.
  4. Nursery Care is provided for children 1-4 during the service.
  5. Engagement: We encourage families to participate in worship together. To that end, we have provided these templates for little ones to learn how to take notes during the sermon. These templates are designed for kids of all ages. These have been graciously given to us by David C. Woodard, Pastor of Mt. Juliet Baptist Church.
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