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Why Don’t We Give Altar Calls?


Providence: 10/27/19 (Ruth Chapter 1) Mercy: 11/3/19 (Ruth Chapter 2) Love: 11/10/19 (Ruth Chapter 3) Redemption: 11/17/19 (Ruth Chapter 4)

Vital Signs

sermon series through the IX Marks of a Healthy Church. Why Do We Preach Verse by Verse? 8.18.19 Why Do We Teach Theology? 8.25.19 Why Do We Make Everything About Jesus? 9.1.19 Why Don’t We Do Altar Calls? 9.8.19 Why Do We Think the Church is a…

James 1:2-8: How to Suffer Well

James: Conformed to Christ

James: An Epistle of Straw? 5.12.19 James 1:2-8: How to Suffer Well 5.19.19 James 1:9-18: Living Status Forward 5.26.19 James 1:19-27: Hidden Gorillas 6.2.19 James 2:1-13: Why God Hates Discrimination 6.9.19 James 2:14-27: The Works of Faith 6.16.19 (Video Only) James 3:1-12: Words Matter…